Welcome to YKI coaching!

Welcome to YKI coaching!

Who we are: We are a Christian organization that seeks to help each individual live his or her best life! Every coach has been trained and certified using the YKI method of coaching. All coaches are trained and qualified to work in the six key areas of your life in order to help you live a balanced, productive and successful life!


Our Purpose

We recognize that each and every individual is created unique with their own talents, method of learning, belief system, and life style. We work with everyone from the stay at home mom to the highest leader. We appreciate your uniqueness and will adapt to your style n order to bring you the success you desire.


Our Approach

To provide the incentive and direction that our clients need in order to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. We help clients to:

  • Hone in on their skills and ambitions.
  • Refocus their life goals.
  • Overcome obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals.

What will a wellness coach or a personal life coach do for me? Anyone can benefit from having a personal life coach. Here are just a few of the benefits

  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Accountability
  • Strategic planning in order to accomplish your goals.
  • Understanding of your personal strengths and talents.
  • Balanced life
  • Traumatic life events are easier to handle and work through
  • A New Perspective
  • Receive real tools to work through challenges
  • Get Healthy, lose weight

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