What do you see?

What Do You See?
What Do You See?


Are you aware that you will get what you see? Doesn’t make sense? Let me explain: Our minds are often made up about people and circumstances, we definitely form our opinions. This might be because of first impressions or years of receiving the outcome you did not desire. Our brains have a natural critical nature about them. We all have a natural tendency to look for the flaws in both people and situations. This is the brains protective mechanism. This is where awareness and healthy discernment come in to give your brain a new narration in order to “see the good” so that you can experience and bring into your life that which is good. This is a very intentional process as it does not come naturally, it takes the right tools and effort.

As a beginning exercise take notice of how often you actually look for the good in people and circumstances. It is amazing how when you begin to look for the good, good will come! Especially in people! When others feel like you see the good in them, good will come out of them! We spend three days in our Online Training going over many tools to really bring about the good in your life and the lives of others. You will not believe what you begin to see and experience after going through this training!

Here is a quick peek:

  • Anchoring–The first step is to begin to see the good in yourself! We cannot create in others that which we have not created in ourselves. Who are you? What are the positive qualities that you possess? What are the qualities you wish to acquire? Using the sense of touch and the sense of smell anchor these qualities within yourself each and every morning and night. Reprogramming the mind takes repetition in order to really take hold.
  • Visualization–Take the time to visualize the success you wish to have. What does that successful conversation look like? What steps will you take to get that success? This could be success in any area of your life, personal relationships, work relationships and goals, health, finances, etc. Without the vision of obtaining your goal it cannot be realized.
  • Create the Good– Often the good might not even be there in an individual or circumstance, however if you create it with your thoughts and words it can develop. When you experience people that are not so kind or capable often it is because no one took the time to create that good within them. They are in so much need of encouraging words and instruction. It is amazing what people can accomplish with some good vision and encouragement in their life. I see this happen all the time in my coaching practice! It just takes intention and time!
  • Giving Back – How much time to you spend giving your words, time and money to others? If we are going to “see the good” all around us we need to invest in that good we wish to see! True visionaries know the secrets to success and they invest in their family, their profession, their community and the world!

I have seen the good created in my people and in my world! I hope you will join me in that endeavor to see the good in those you come in contact with and the world in which you create!

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions
Overcoming Negative Emotions


Does your mind have a tendency to repeat things over and over and over? Did you know that negative emotions which seem to happen to you are actually made by you? If you change the ingredients that your brain uses to make emotions, you can change your emotional life! This is very exciting because this puts the control and responsibility back on you! Yes, you are the architect of your experience, you can take the steering wheel back and get some control! Continue reading

Are You Ready for Something New?

Are You Ready for Something New?

Are you sick and tired of the way your life is going? Perhaps it is a relationship that just won't seem to mend. Or maybe it is your health or career. Do you realize that you really can have that which you desire?

In life, there certainly are difficult trials that make no sense. No one likes this part of life, but have you ever thought that there could be a purpose for your pain? A direction in life that you didn't plan, but once you begin to walk in that direction things seem to fall into place creating a "reason" for your experience. 

For example, have you ever really wanted something so bad and didn't get it and later found out you are so glad you didn't? 

If you think I'm going to tell you that every hardship you're going through will make sense in time, you're wrong, but despite the bad deck you are dealt in life creating a great life still rests solely in your hands. You are the driver of your life!

Here are a few tips to get you started creating the life you desire:

  1. Have vision for what you want! Ask yourself; How do I want to feel?  What is most important to me?   What will bring me peace? 
  2. Live with intention of that vision! Ask yourself if what you are doing or saying is moving you towards or away from that vision. 
  3. Control Your Thoughts! Every word you speak or action you take comes from what you think! Drive your thoughts towards your vision!
  4. Be Happy! Happiness is a choice! When you wake up, even if you had a rough sleep, say to yourself and others; "This is a great day, I am happy!"
  5. Keep Love Your Number One Priority! Act from a place of love and you will never go wrong! Love wins every time!

        Watch for our email next week on How to Stop Worrying so Much!

        Have a blessed day, and remember to Change Your Mind, so you can

        Change Your Life!

        Many Blessings to you,

        La Vonne

Christian Meditation

Have you ever set out to achieve something only to be lost in doubt and worry? Last week we sent out a newsletter giving you a plan of action, if you missed that you can go here:

We want to help you understand our personalized Christian Meditations. For today's meditation, we will be focusing on Improving Relationships. Interestingly enough, in order to improve our relationships we first must improve ourselves. Great relationships always begin with the relationship you have with yourself.  After all, you will be in a relationship with yourself your entire life! Hopefully you will also be in a relationship with Jesus as He will truly show you the way to improve everything!

Self- acceptance and love for who you are and who you were created to be is your first step. If you have never been given permission to love yourself,  I am giving you that permission today, to truly love yourself, and to feel love from your creator. Allow Him to pour His love into your life and to give you the power for true transformation. We need to absorb this love often, preferably daily.

If you desire to become more patient, more kind, more forgiving, more understanding and so on you will need to meditate on these words daily in order to develop a new narration that speaks lovingly to you throughout the day.

How would you like to just be going about your day and hear words like "You are so loved, you are really good at what you do, I love that you are a loving and a forgiving person." I didn't use a question mark here because deep down each and every one of us craves this love!

As promised, here is a meditation for you to read to yourself daily. If you would like a recorded version, check out some of these meditations:

Take a few moments to turn on some quiet music, to breathe and to speak these words over your life.

Many Blessings to you,

La Vonne

How to Stop Worrying

Do you find yourself rehearsing things over and over again in your mind and wish it would stop? Are you ready to have more peace in your life? Would you like to trust that everything will be worked out for your good? Then guess what? the time is NOW to stop worry so much and I am going to give you some pointers on how to do that. *I will use relationships as an example, but this example can be used for each area of your life whether it is career, finances, emotional health, physical health, spiritual life, etc.

 The first thing you need to do is:

  1. BELIEVE, the way to truly believe is to have a vision for how things will look when they do work out. Create the picture, every detail. This is what makes our Christian Meditation so beneficial. We help personalize a vision for what you truly want and with that vision we also help your unconscious mind to believe that it will! Hope becomes possible and you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  
  2. SPEAK only the vision you created. If your vision is of a good relationship with someone, then only speak that! Nothing contrary! When you see the individual or talk by phone speak as though it is already the way you desire the relationship to be!
  3. THINK only the thoughts that are of the vision you desire. Use your imagination for good! Imagine yourself so in love with the individual you have made a goal with. They don't even have to cooperate, you might not even be in a estranged relationship with them, but IMAGINE and THINK only of how good it really is!
  4. REBUKE WORRY! Don't allow it! You DO have control! Realize as we all know that worry has no benefit and does not help, in fact it hurts! 
  5. PLAN! Planning gives us a sense of control and a vision of HOPE! Plan how you will mend this relationship! Write a loving text each day filled with blessings, pray with love, vision and hope for the individual. Prepare what you will do when known events occur. Remember change does not happen until you do something different. Doing the same brings the same results. 
  6. BLESS! Bless yourself with affirmations to encourage yourself that you CAN do this! Bless others as well!
  7. TRUST that life is good! This will change your perspective and you will begin to see light instead of darkness. As Christians we believe in a GOOD GOD that desires to bless and work all things out for our good, so believe in Him and Trust that He will do what He says.

         *Watch for our next email on Christian Meditations.

          We will give you some Scripts and Affirmations to help you along! 

          Have a blessed day, and remember to Change Your Mind, so you can

          Change Your Life!

          Many Blessings to you,

           La Vonne

Great Questions

2Great Questions


Great questions get to the heart of the matter. Just think about how connected you feel when others understand your heart. Deep, meaningful questions matter. They pull people in and help them to know you truly care and will take the time to listen to them. Warmth and openness let others know that we are not there to judge them, but to receive them just as they are with no expectations. People who ask must also listen with care and attention to the answers received without sounding like they know everything, but are simply there to support and listen with compassion.

This simple act of valuing another enough to ask and listen awakens something in the one sharing. They begin to feel cared for, noticed and alive!

            Beautiful questions are ones that sink into deep places of the soul, that welcome others as we search for connection and friendship, and that opens new territory for two people to share. Beautiful questions have a tone of support that assumes the best about the other person and knows that deep within there is much goodness just waiting to be discovered.

            As we study the life of Jesus we see how He models this art of asking great, timely and engaging questions. Jesus was immensely curious and compassionate towards others. His questions were asked with kindness, not accusation. He loved to engage with people and bring out the best in them! Jesus posed questions that pierced the heart and opened genuine conversation. He desires to know your heart, your hurts, your fears, your passions and dreams.

Great questions are meaningful and inspirational.

            Often most people ask questions not because they care but because they simply want to gain information, leverage someone, pass the time or appear polite and protect their reputation. Jesus’ questions however always came from a place of love and honest friendship.

Many of us fail at great questions because we are too self-absorbed. If we are overwhelmed with our own status or our own agenda, then it’s nearly impossible to be truly curious about the friend or spouse right next to us.

            Think about how you feel when spending extended time with a family member, friend or colleague who never shows any curiosity about you or your life, you will likely walk away feeling exhausted and lonely. Selfish people are consumed within their own agenda and they suck the life from those around them. Selfish people are not curious people.

Jesus’ entire life, however was an expression of self-giving love. No wonder the questions He asked came from His heart and reached the heart of whomever He was speaking to.

            Some questions open a conversation while others instantly shut it down.

Truly engaging people come with an open mind willing to learn, wondering what might be discovered. Seek common ground when conversing. There is always common ground no matter the background, culture, learning style, etc. We are all made in God’s image, and those that ask great questions view others in this light, seeking the good they are sure to find!

Seek to live life unhurried and be curious about others. Seek the good in them that you are sure to find. Live with a pure heart and in this way, you are sure to ask great questions that will transform many lives by helping them to feel valued, heard and connected.  

Finding Your Own Potential

1When we’re little, we often wonder how amazing adulthood would be. We think about the freedom, the fun and the ability to be who we are without being dictated by our parents. And in that moment, we forget how lucky we are.

We put down our metaphorical paintbrush for the much serious fountain pen and wonder when our life will begin.

But by doing so, we forfeit the right to our creative skills that God has bestowed upon us.

Now, you may argue about the banality of such a statement. Of course you haven’t let go of your creative skills, you’re not so out-of-touch that you don’t remember how to be creative anymore. You’ve just…grown up.

But that, my dear reader, is the basis of our problem. As we grow up, we let go of that aspect of our thinking because we feel that it is childish, when in fact, that person is who we are at our best.

Misplacing Our Youthful Thinking

“Behold, I give you a wise and discerning mind, so that none like you has been before you and none like you shall arise after you.”
First Kings 3:12

Adulthood is all about growing up and broadening our horizons. However, in our quest to overcome and conquer said horizons, we often let go of the things that kept us connected to a happier world.

When we are little, everything seems possible. Yet, we wonder as grown-ups how silly we were to think so. Nevertheless, there are many among us who claim their dreams, and storm the castle to win what they feel they deserve.

What makes them the winners is their connection with their passion for a dream they had when they were young—when their creativity and intrigue boasted their potential.

Seeking Your Hidden Potential

One quote in the Bible speaks highly of His wish for us to seek our true potential.

And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.”
Genesis 11:6

We have been made in His image, and we have been encouraged for our purpose. But because of our quest for a more superficially satisfying life, we have let go of our true self.

Finding the Right Counsel

1We at YKI Coaching offer counseling and guidance in Christian coaching and training to help you seek your true potential. The intent of our approach is to use God’s guidance to adopt a wise method of living; one that would provide you with a productive and successful life that carves the way for your dreams.

Re-connect with your true self for a future you deserve.

How Goal Setting Can Help you Live a Balanced and Blessed Life ?- YKI coaching

Need some help setting some goals and keeping them? Find out how Changing Your Mind will help you to Change Your Life! YKI coaching offers training and coaching for individuals to improve their life and live a balanced and blessed life! What is the core of your life? Find out here! Learn goal setting.. There is a brief meditation at the end. We would love to hear from you! Contact us: info@YKIcoaching.com, www.YKIcoaching.com


How to Complain Effectively

Complaining effectively


Have you felt the urge to complain lately? Ever wonder why you or others do complain?

Taking on an empathetic tone towards those that complain I would like to help you and others complain more effectively! "What?" you might say.  "Are you kidding?" "I thought complaining was a negative form of communication." Well, it certainly can be and that is why I am going to help you learn how to complain more effectively. Let's first look at why people complain.

 It is true that there are those people that enjoy complaining and no matter how positive and helpful you are they just seem to like to live in their misery. They are not the ones I am speaking to today. I am speaking to you, the one that desires positive change and effective communication!

 Often people use complaining as a way to establish communication and build rapport with others. They will start a conversation with something like "It's really hot today!" These are just ways of communicating and relating with others, a harmless conversation that lets others know you "get it."

 Other more damaging complaining is when you are complaining about a person. I believe people do this because they are looking for answers, help to navigate their difficult relationship. 

 The problem with this is usually the person you are complaining to is either not skilled to help you or they are unsafe and will share the information you have given them creating an even bigger problem. 

So the things to consider when complaining to someone is:

  1. Is this person skilled and able to help me create positive change or should I seek a professional?
  2. Is this person safe, able to keep this confidential and help me find the solution?

Other reasons people complain is because they are tired, need encouragement, hope, and direction. If you find yourself in this category take the time to think about what you really need, then when you are ready to complain be specific, "I am really tired today, would you mind offering me some extra help?" or "I am feeling really discouraged, would you please offer me an encouraging word?" 

When you complain by seeking the solution to your problem you will find people are quick to jump in and meet your needs. In this way, you will be complaining effectively and soon you will find there is no longer a need to complain!

 Have an awesome day!

Acquire a New Attitude for the New Year

1The time for New Years’ resolutions, goal setting, plans and expectations is almost here. As 2017 approaches, it is important that we remember to make our plans with awareness of God’s ultimate control and how it is really His care, and reason for hope.

It is also important to realize that the change of years, months or weeks really holds no special power in determining if it’s time to be different. The only way to change truly is by choosing to walk in grace, next year. That’s why we say that time is less about creating new hoops to jump through and new challenges to live up to. Instead any time is a good opportunity to take stock of where you are in life. Continue reading

How to Hear God

Hear GodIn these dark and turbulent days, it has become more important than ever to discern the Lord’s voice.

The commotion of a fast-paced world makes it difficult to hear our own thoughts, let alone hear God. But there is no denying the fact that He does have amazing plans for us, and we need to be able to listen and recognize His voice to be able to act on His plans. Continue reading

Uncomplicated love, Life Coaching



God is so simple, He tells us exactly how to love and feel loved; Love God and love others. Love is all about giving it away. When we begin to look to ourselves and think about our selfish desires we feel miserable. The key to “feeling love” is to give it away. So if this Valentine’s Day has you “feeling alone or unloved” go find someone to love. It could be as simple as taking a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to your neighbor. If you are married, certainly think of your spouse first and make sure they are feeling loved, but I encourage you not to stop there, let the love continue to flow through you by finding someone that needs your love and encouragement. There are plenty of people in this world that could use some love! So make this Valentine’s Day great and “feel the love” simply by loving others!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The YKI coaching Team, Life Coaching

Do You Know The Ones You Love? Life Coaching Skills

INBOX)3074Do you know what your husband’s goals are in his life? Do you know where your child has been hurt? How well do you know your friend, really? What about your boss? Your employee? Are you ready to learn some life coaching skills? 

If we do not know about the important people in our life then we have failed, and eventually what happens is they pull away from us, turn away, or quit thinking that we really don’t care any way. This means if you are struggling in any one of your relationships; with your spouse, your child, your parent, friend, boss, employee, etc. Anyone that you have a relationship with, if you are struggling to make it work, then you do not want to miss the training this month! Learn great communication, find out about the ones you love, the ones you are close to. These are the most important relationships in your life, learn how to make them great! When we are able to listen to others in a way that they truly feel heard, in a way that they feel there is nothing they can’t do without you, then, and only then will things turn around and become great in your life!

It all begins with the way you/ others think, learn, process information, communicate and so much more!

If you have any questions our team is here for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.

Make 2016 a great year!

La Vonne Earl



La Vonne Earl is the founder and director of YKI coaching associates. She is a Master Certified Christian Coach and trainer for YKI coaching. Her professional trainings include coaching, counseling, Neuro Linguistics Programing, Sozo Healing, and Hypnotherapy. She has broad experiences in handling various life issues and is capable of helping you to achieve Emotional Wellness. If you are experiencing any area of sadness, grief or emotional turmoil you have come to the right place! La Vonne understands the pain you are experiencing and knows exactly how to help bring you some quick relief along with helping you to make the changes necessary for lasting wellness. She works with both individuals and couples.


La Vonne has been married for 30 years, has four children and a grandson. She has a solid understanding of God's word and works well with those experiencing conflict in their relationships. She has the ability to relate and understand others. La Vonne cares, will offer hope, a new perspective, and will help deliver you to a more fulfilled life.



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Knowing Tammy Gann for many years and watching her love for the Lord along with her dedication to serve Him through loving others give me great confidence in referring her to anyone, especially those who are grieving in any way. Tammy is purposeful, direct, timely and caring, along with many other great qualities. If you are going through any emotional grief, give Tammy a call today and experience the peace and direction that she can help you to achieve.

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