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Frustrated and Unhappy

Dear Coach, I am no longer in love with my wife. I feel a divorce would be in the best interest of my 2 boys ages 7 and 9 years old. My wife is irritable and mean to them. She has gained a lot of weight and does not contribute around the house. I am …

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Never Alone

Dear Coach, I have left the Mormon Church and now so many of my friends and family members will not include me in their gatherings. I feel isolated and alone. I also swing back and forth with feelings of fear that maybe I may have made a mistake. Never Alone Dear Never Alone, First of …

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From Anxious to Powerful

Dear Coach, I was raised in an extremely physically and verbally abusive home. I am a grown woman now, 37 years old, and yet I revert to the frightened little girl whenever I am around my father. I need to see him because of family get-togethers. Now that Father’s Day is approaching I am filled …

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From Sad and Lonely, to Overcomer and Joyful

Dear Coach, I have recently lost my husband 8 months ago and I am so lonely and sad. I feel tired most of the time. I am also so sick of people telling me to just get over it! I feel like no one understands me and at times I am ready to die. Will I …

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Hurt and Confused

Dear Coach, I have caught my husband more than once looking at other women, both in public and online. I have expressed to him how this hurts me. He apologizes and then continues to look at these women. Just recently I found a history of porn sites on our computer and I am very hurt …

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Chaotic Home

Dear Coach, My new husband is not getting along very well with my teenage son. They fight all the time and it is wrecking havoc on my marriage. How can I get my husband to back off and let him be? Chaotic Home Dear Chaotic First of all timing is everything with your man. He …

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Stuck in the Muck

Dear Coach, I know I am supposed to forgive, and I do try, but I am trouble by memories and flash backs that keep me stuck. I just wish some of the things in my life never happened to me. How can I forget and be happy once again? Stuck in the Muck Dear Stuck, …

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How can I teach myself to relax?

Dear Coach,How can I teach myself to relax?I am a very anxious person and this affects my digestive system. Food seems to make me feel sick all the time.AnxiousDear Anxious,I am so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Learning to relax is just that learning. It takes practice but the good news …

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