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Certified Christian Professional Coach Training

Certified Christian Professional Coach Training


YKI Method of Professional Coach Training

Through Christ Centered Coaching, you will help others develop the balance and perspective that will renew their mind and give them the hope and empowerment that only the Holy Spirit can bring. In this class you will learn how to gain rapport with others while offering the biblical perspective.

The YKI Method™

  • NLP God's Way
  • The Six Key Areas of a Christ Centered Life
  • Communication Skills
  • Student Manual and Handouts
  • Continued Support
  • The Ability to Relate to All People
  • Transforming the Mind
  • Godly Vision
  • Goal Setting
  • Developing your clientele
  • Continued Association with YKI Coaching
  • Coaching Mastery
  • Certification from YKI coaching
  • Professionalism as a Coach, including Ethics and Confidentiality
  • Your Coaching Position
  • Template for Coaching
  • Incorporating Charity into Your Business
  • Purpose and Direction
  • Planning and Accountability
In this class you will improve your own life and in the process improve the lives of others as you gain a closer walk with the Lord and allow His truth to transform you! This is a class that you do not want to miss! Begin to experience transformation today!
January PST Location
17th 4 pm- 8pm ONLINE
18th 4 pm- 8pm ONLINE
19th 9 am- 1pm ONLINE
Class taught by Michelle Leslie

Live Online Training

Cost of the Class
Regular $697

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 If you have any questions about the training program please feel free to contact us at info@ykicoaching.com

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Additional Classes Taught by La Vonne Earl, MCCPC

Classes are taught in groups and privately, online and in person. Classes cost $75.00 per person in groups and $150.00 for individuals in private. Classes are available upon request.



Class Title ET CT MT PT
Health and Weight Loss 1pm-3pm 12pm-2pm 11am-1pm 10am-12pm

Eradicating the Root Cause of Disease for Healing and Peace

Come to an evening and learn how the patterns you have built in your life could be causing you pain, sadness, depression, illness, low energy and bad thoughts! Come and remove the root causes of disease and experience the peace that God has for you! How long has it been since you felt great? If these things keep getting in the way and you cannot seem to accomplish your goals, come and find out why these roadblocks are there. Come experience true peace. contentment, fulfillment, love and energy! The first half of the class will be spent on learning the patterns we build, and root causes of disease. The second half will be spent learning how to reprogram your mind. The CD for this class is A Father’s Love.

Peace and Freedom through Forgiveness

Is unforgiveness blocking the love, power, energy and blessings from the Lord in your life? Do you want to forgive and yet find it so incredibly difficult? Whether you are forgiving a coworker that has caused you grief, infidelity in your marriage, or you have had major trauma in your life, God’s word will not only heal you and restore you, but through forgiveness you will have a surge of love and energy like you have never experienced. In this class I will help to give you a paradigm shift in the way you view the person, organization or event that caused you grief in your life. Together we will go through some very Godly exercises, have time for healing, and spend the last 20 minutes meditating on Jesus Christ and His crucifixion (without being too graphic), and what the cross means for us in our life. This will be a life changing experience and will bring you Peace and Freedom. The CD for this class is Peace and Freedom through Forgiveness.

Identity In Christ

If your focus has turned to difficult relationships, a job, or anything that is causing you stress, come and learn your identity in Christ and experience the peace and joy you are longing for.

Christian Meditation for Health and Weight loss

Come to an enjoyable evening to learn what God has to say about the foods we eat and how to take care of the body He has given us. Leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated! You will learn how the mind works with visualization in order to achieve your health and weight loss goals. Find out why diets don’t work and instead learn to enjoy life all while losing weight and feeling great. We will discuss what healthy eating looks like, discuss weight loss goals, healthy body image and answer any questions you might have. The CD for this class is Christian Meditation for Health and Weight loss.

Health and Weight Loss


Jan 2nd Online 10am-12pm PST The body, mind and spirit are all three interconnected, so weight loss must involve all three. Often weight loss involves only “dieting” and because of that the individual will gain the weight back after it is lost. Furthermore, because we were never meant to live on a “diet” doing so will cause mind rebellion furthering your emotional damage with food. Individuals must develop a healthy mindset and relationship with food in order to reprogram their thinking about food. Once your mind is healthy the overeating will stop. You will begin to understand your body and love yourself. Your desire instead will be to care for your self in a way that nourishes your body, mind and spirit. Having an understanding of nutrition and the proper way to eat is also extremely important. Many people have never experienced how wonderful food can taste and how good healthy eating can make you feel. Alkaline eating will eliminate disease, help you to lose weight and feel great! We will work with you and your schedule in order to establish food preparation and planning for the week so that you can be successful and will love food again! We will also address the spiritual aspect involved with eating to further enhance your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Come experience a better way to weight loss. Get healthy and lose weight the permanent way!

Navigating Difficult Relationships


Professional Life Coach Training in Aliso Viejo

YKI Coaching offers professional guidance to all seeking balance and perspective in their lives though Christ centered coaching. By using the YKI Method, we offer our clients a way to bring happiness and empowerment into their lives through biblical principles. We offer live business and personal coaching sessions. Additionally we offer certification through our online coach training so that our services are available for everyone. Contact us and find out more about our private and group classes.