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Each YKI associate is a Certified Christian Professional Coach, CCPC. In addition to their own specialty training they have been through the YKI Christ Centered Coach training and practice the YKI method® in order to help you achieve your goals.

Tammy Gann


Through the many tragedies in my life I have found a purpose and a vision, to help others find their purpose. Suffering and sorrow are never pleasant however the wisdom and compassion that come from such events are priceless. This kind of wisdom and empowerment can't be taught, but rather must be experienced. My methodology is built upon real life experience coupled with practical down to earth guidance.

As your life coach I am not going to give you answers but rather show you how to find the answers yourself. I will not change your life for you, however I will show you how to empower and change your life step by step, bit by bit. I will be there to guide and encourage you, to hold you accountable and give you the tools you need to obtain your own goals.

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