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6 Signs Your Spouse Is Not Happy

Relationships can be quite frustrating for a number of reasons and many times we end up thinking our partners are happy even when they are not.
When our significant other withdraws or begins to close themselves off from us we need to get busy and begin to work on the relationship! If one person in the relationship is content and the other is not, serious problems are sure to arise, so take action quickly, in fact don’t even wait for these six warning signs to strengthen your marriage.Your marriage is the most important relationship and it requires constant attention in order to thrive!
Check out these 6 Warning Signs Your Spouse is Not Happy
When you and your spouse are unable to be intimate or affectionate with one another there is something driving the problem. If there isn’t a health related issue then sexual intimacy should be a regular part of your married life. If there is a health issue then general affection certainly should be. So if you aren’t cuddling, kissing, etc… This is a warning sign!
2. They don’t include you in much anymore.
When someone you love stops including you in their life with friends and social events, even if they do it unaware, it can cause not only you to feel abandoned, but also creates a vulnerability in them. It’s time to be direct with your feelings and expectations for your marriage.
3. You just can’t talk to each other
If you are both struggling to speak to one another you need to speak now more than ever! Things become more awkward when you refuse to address the elephant in the room. While it may be a bit scary to address the issue of communication and your desires, not addressing it will only make the problem worse. Gently go to your spouse and find out what the problem is. Maybe they are simply tired and they need time, but by kindly bringing this up, it will let you both know that after rest the communication begins, otherwise there is something more serious going on.
Your well being is important! If you feel that you aren’t getting the support and help that you need don’t deny your feelings. Take some time to sit down with your spouse and address your needs. Maybe they are unaware. The key is not to hide your feelings or to blurt your feelings out in an accusatory way. Be gentle in your approach and ask for their support.
5. They have begun distancing themselves from you.
If your spouse is shutting you down and creating distance you can be sure that something is off. Don’t wait for this to pass! Set up a time to have a serious talk and find out what is wrong. Maybe they feel controlled or like they cannot be themselves. Whatever it is, create a safe place to talk so you can find out what it is they need and find ways to satisfy them if at all possible.
The two of you just cannot seem to agree with one another.There is hostility and tension. No one wants to live like this! Whatever is going on the issue needs to be addressed. This is certainly a time when couples coaching is needed. If you cannot talk with one another together on your own it is time to seek help. We offer couples coaching and classes for this very reason!