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Born To Bloom

Are you ready to bloom into your full potential?

Born to Bloom is a Christ-centered, biblically based resource for both men and women wounded by sexual abuse. Unlike other programs causing great pain, this 7-week course helps you to focus on the impact of abuse and not the abuse itself.

Right from the start you will feel that you are not alone as you journey with La Vonne for your complete healing. You will gain clarity along with peace coming from the new, healthy narration she helps you to build. You will spend time in scripture and journaling through highly engaging questions that cause you to get a beautiful vision for your future.

La Vonne’s positive and engaging style is simple and practical. She utilizes methods that are Biblically inline and cause you to develop a closer walk with Jesus.

You will learn your true identity and who you are apart from anything else. You will become equipped to coach yourself with Jesus in the future from any area of offense. You will get set free and experience becoming completely healed.

You’ll learn:

Born to Bloom

This workbook is intended to be used along with the 7-week video course.

Born to Bloom helped me to let go of so much pain and see my future with hope. I now feel like I am no different than anyone else, as I have discovered I am loved regardless of what has happened to me. I want to give back and help others find their healing as well.
– Sarah

After being abused, I didn’t feel like I could live another day. I hated my life and myself. After going through Born to Bloom, I now feel like I can handle my emotions and feelings. I have learned how to reprogram my mind to work for me and not against me anymore. I now have an understanding on how to evaluate myself, set new goals and surround myself with the right people so that I can live the good life that I have always dreamed about. I have learned that I do not have to repeat the same patterns of dysfunction. I am happier and more at peace. 
– Anonymous

Lavonne Earl

La Vonne Earl is a certified Christian life coach specializing in emotional wellness. She understands the impact from abuse firsthand and has helped many completely heal through the methods used in her YKI coaching ministry. La Vonne loves the Lord and truly cares about each individual she serves and works with each one uniquely. You will feel loved by her and by God as you work together through this book for your complete healing.

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