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Forgiveness Is Possible!

Forgiveness is a challenging task for sure, or maybe not! After all forgiveness is all about the thoughts we think. So, what if we could change our thoughts? God says that we can. He says ALL things are possible with Him! Even though our minds tend to remember the worst of things, we can be […]

May 13, 2021

Holy Transformation

As Christians we know we must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, but what exactly does that look like? Having an awareness first of ourselves is what is crucial to understanding how one should pray and invite the Holy Spirit into our lives for Holy Transformation. Inviting God into every area of your […]

May 11, 2021

Be Transformed

Are you satisfied with your finances or are you living paycheck to paycheck? There is a way to think and manage our finances that will bring about great blessings. I believe God desires to bless you! After all, money does help people. Money very much is of God when handled the right way. Many people are […]

Apr 25, 2021

God Desires to Bless

Do you believe poverty is more spiritual than being prosperous financially? Do you believe God desires to bless you? Are there spiritual laws that if obeyed blessings are more likely to come? Our belief plays a huge role in our lives and the ways in which we line ourselves up with God’s will to be […]

Apr 21, 2021

Godly Anchoring

Are you going to move forward in faith for your future? Or will you use any excuse possible to keep you defeated? People who are moved by faith and a hope for their future become resourceful. They do not let their circumstances keep them from succeeding. To move forward with such great faith, one must […]

Apr 14, 2021

Order & Self-Care

I have been thinking a lot lately on the subject of order and self-care. Often times people see self-care as a selfish ambition, and it can be if not practiced in proper order and is for the purpose and intent of helping others. Self-care and order spreads into many areas of our life, and even […]

Apr 03, 2021

Your Future is Brighter with Inner Healing

Have you ever dreaded the future? Have you had a set-back this year? I know things have been terribly difficult with the virus and in our political environment. What steps are you taking for your emotional health? Your physical health? Relationships? Being aware of the current situation in your life in only the first step. […]

Mar 15, 2021

A Greater Commitment to Your Purpose Through Godly Vision

Have you discovered your purpose? There are often many purposes throughout our lives. Perhaps your great purpose right now is to reconcile your marriage, or maybe to build your business and bring in a greater income for your family. Maybe your purpose is to get your health back. Regardless of your purpose, it is only […]

Mar 15, 2021

The Theory of the Mind

How well do you understand the mind? Are you able to quickly identify the patterns people have established and the possible thoughts, and fears of others? People establish beliefs about many things at a very early age. This is one of the reasons it is very difficult to convince others to move out of their […]

Mar 09, 2021

For Such A Time As This

Do you realize you have been placed where you are for such a time as this? You are blessed beyond measure! The problem is if you do not see your blessings you will not be able to help others where you are placed. You are here! You are breathing! Your heart is beating, and you […]

Feb 21, 2021

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