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How can I teach myself to relax?

Dear Coach,How can I teach myself to relax?
I am a very anxious person and this affects my digestive system. Food seems to make me feel sick all the time.


Dear Anxious,I am so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Learning to relax is just that learning. It takes practice but the good news is that you can achieve the peace you are looking for! Godly meditation is something that is very helpful for those that have not yet developed the kind of narrator that soothes them. Through your life you developed patterns and your narrator adapted and began to speak to you in a way that causes stress instead of relaxation. Going to God’s word daily is the first step that will begin to transform your mind. Praying about what you are reading and asking God for wisdom is also a daily practice that will give you great comfort. Once you have developed a daily habit of praying, reading and listening to godly meditation you will have a completely new mind and what you will be hearing is a narrator that speaks God’s words to you. Words of love, comfort and peace.

La Vonne Earl