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Change Begins with Education

In order to create change we must first educate ourselves on what it is we wish to change. Take for starters communication. It is a skill that is developed through educating ourselves on certain character traits and differences in others. All great relationships begin with communication. The problem is that most people do not truly know how to communicate in a way that brings about peace and harmony in a relationship. In order to improve your communication skills you must first learn to listen. You must also take the time to understand the differences in others, the way they learn, what is important to them, what do they want to tell you? Have you taken the time to know and understand yourself and what makes you happy? What drives you? Do you understand how you learn? Once we begin to understand ourselves we can then begin to learn and understand others. We must keep in mind that other people truly are different from us. We have a tendency to think that other people think and desire the same things as we do. This is often the cause of conflict in relationships. We often place restrictions on others because we think they need to act and feel like we do.

While you desire to educate yourself in order to change and improve your life some things to consider learning are:

  • How to gain rapport with others
  • How to handle conflict in relationships
  • Self Worth and Identity
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Physical Health
  • Financial Freedom

There is so much to learn and we should be constantly improving ourselves in order to become better people and live the best life that we can. Learning fuels passion and purpose! Change must first begin with education, and this begins with you!

-La Vonne Earl