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Chaotic Home

Dear Coach,

My new husband is not getting along very well with my teenage son. They fight all the time and it is wrecking havoc on my marriage. How can I get my husband to back off and let him be?

Chaotic Home

Dear Chaotic

First of all timing is everything with your man. He is the head of the home and so I advise you to be as diplomatic as Esther was in the OT. Pray, invite the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Plan a wonderful meal. Feed him, stroke his ego a bit and then bring to his attention your concerns with your son. Speak to your husband in terms of the end goal in mind,  which hopefully is a great relationship with your son, for your son to be successful, loved and happy. Ex. Honey, if we want our son to do XYZ we must first treat him with respect, let him feel loved, offer a safe environment so he can turn to us and then we can show our son how to obtain these goals.

When you show your husband that there is a way to obtain the peaceful environment he is seeking he will be more likely to listen to you and come to you for advice.

La Vonne Earl