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The Christ Centered Life, Life Coach Training

Living the Christ Centered Life is to place Christ first in Everything we do. To let God be the Lord and manager of our life. We are all given 24 hours each day and we must balance a lot of different things within that 24 hour period of time. We must not place anything before God or this would be considered idolatry. God hates idolatry and wants to be first in our life so that we can glorify Him in all we do.


God certainly does not need our praise and worship. Each and every commandment He has given is for our benefit. In His wisdom as our Father He has created a plan that will bless our lives if we will listen and follow His plan. When we line ourselves up with His will and become Christ Centered we will have the healthy, balanced and abundant life that He has promised. We are to practice His will here on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) In heaven there is no such thing as depression, dis-ease, sadness, etc. We live in a fallen world and there are certainly things that are outside of our control, but for the most part there are far too many Christians living a defeated life! We can and should take control over the things God has given us to control. One of which is our mind. The mind is very powerful and once you learn how to control it you will have defeated your enemy and will become victorious over every situation in your life! As Christians we are given the power to overcome! With God as your Lord He will cause each and every area in your life to function at it’s highest. You will feel powerful, healthy and vibrant each and every day as you experience the Joy of the Lord! (Nehemiah 8:10)

Here at YKI  we offer life coach training to help you learn how to help individuals gain balance and improve their life.  As a Christian Life Coach I work in each of these six areas to help you achieve this Christ Centered balanced and powerful life. The good news is that once one area begins to improve, other areas begin to improve as well. Each area overlaps the other areas. For example if your finances are out of control it affects your emotions, which affects your relationships, which affects how you feel towards God, and on and on it goes. It can be a vicious cycle if you are unaware of how to improve each area.

As you begin to line yourself up with His will and  take care of yourself, your health and wellness will improve as will each and every area.

The 5 keys to success (Truth-Purpose-Planning-Action-Success) are very important and are applied to each area.  For example if you are not applying truth to your spirituality and unknowingly practicing a different gospel (2 Corinthians 11:4) other than the one Jesus Christ taught, you could be sowing seeds of guilt, depression, etc. or limiting yourself through rules made by man. You will also not have the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver you from whatever dis-ease you are experiencing. This is why it is so important that truth be applied to each area of your life.

-La Vonne Earl