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Our Christ-Centered Coaching program combines the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit with our proven YKI Method™.

Through Christ Centered Coaching, you will help others develop the balance and perspective that will renew their mind and give them the hope and empowerment that only the Holy Spirit can bring. In this class, you will learn how to gain rapport with others while offering the biblical perspective.

The YKI Method™

  • NLP God’s Way
  • The Six Key Areas of a Christ Centered Life
  • Communication Skills
  • Student Manual and Handouts
  • Continued Support
  • The Ability to Relate to All People
  • Transforming the Mind
  • Godly Vision
  • Goal Setting
  • Developing Your Clientele
  • Continued Association with YKI Coaching
  • Coaching Mastery
  • Certification from YKI Coaching
  • Professionalism as a Coach, including Ethics and Confidentiality
  • Your Coaching Position
  • Template for Coaching
  • Incorporating Charity into Your Business
  • Purpose and Direction
  • Planning and Accountability


In this class, you will improve your own life and in the process improve the lives of others as you gain a closer walk with the Lord and allow His truth to transform you! This is a class that you do not want to miss! Begin to experience transformation today!

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It is our desire to see every individual fulfill their life call of discipling others. We seek to offer as many scholarships for training as we are able. Applications are available upon request. Email

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

-Proverbs 16:3

  • I took a coaching class of La Vonne’s taught by Michelle. The class was very informative, and I know it will help me communicate better with not just my patients, but with everyone I come in contact with. Thank you so much for offering a class on Christ-Centered Coaching! I also highly recommend La Vonne for counseling. She has helped me set goals and taught me how to reach them. She is a caring person and has had a positive impact in my life. Thank You, La Vonne!

    -Lorna P
  • YKI training is an outstanding model which equips individuals and coaches alike with the skillset to empower others in their lives on all levels of body, mind and spirit. The YKI approach encourages well-being in all the key areas of one’s life with God at the center. I highly recommend YKI coach training if you have a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

    -Lisa Kopstein
  • I am a recent student of La Vonne Earl and YKI coaching. I found La Vonne’s approach personally empowering, and professionally motivating. I have the tools to not only confidently coach but to live out my personal life with a new Godly self-awareness that is leading me to the success I have always hoped for! My time with La Vonne Earl and in taking the YKI coaching classes has been life-changing, and I cannot wait to share what I have learned with those close to me and future clients.

    -Michelle G.
  • I have gotten to know La Vonne through her teaching of the YKI coaching method. She was very thorough. It was clear through her illustrations of her experiences that she is a gifted Life Coach. I enjoyed the certification process and learned so much. Her enthusiasm has helped motivate me to answer a calling to help others. Having taken many counseling classes, seminars and attending counseling myself, I find this method of Life Coaching with Christ to be a more productive way of evaluating and moving forward. I feel that learning this information though the certification process has brought a balancing effect and clarity to me personally. Thank you, La Vonne. You did a lovely job and helped someone learn to help others. God bless you as you continue.

    -Kimberly J.
  • I’ve had the privilege of being coached by La Vonne personally and then the opportunity to receive training through YKI. The training was educational and hands-on. Both were great and life altering! Thanks, La Vonne!

    -Telesa Wright

By the end of Certified Christian Professional Coaching, you will :

Feel happier, calmer, more in balance and back in control of your life

Know new techniques to support you in being the best version of you, even when life gets hectic or unexpected situations occur

Be able to contribute to others, at home and at work, without heading toward burnout

Show up in life as a more effective, efficient and collaborative professional woman

Be able to manage your time and energy in a new, empowering way so you have more energy for yourself, your family and your team

Achieve a sense of balance, contentment, a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment with your life

It's time to get the Sound Mind and Happy Life YOU deserve! Our coaches can help!

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