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Certified Christian Professional Coach Training

Through Christ Centered Coaching, you will help others develop the balance and perspective that will renew their mind and give them the hope and empowerment that only the Holy Spirit can bring. In this class you will learn how to gain rapport with others while offering the biblical perspective.

The YKI Method™

  • NLP God’s Way
  • The Six Key Areas of a Christ Centered Life
  • Communication Skills
  • Student Manual and Handouts
  • Continued Support
  • The Ability to Relate to All People
  • Transforming the Mind
  • Godly Vision
  • Goal Setting
  • Developing your clientele
  • Continued Association with YKI Coaching
  • Coaching Mastery
  • Certification from YKI coaching
  • Professionalism as a Coach, including Ethics and Confidentiality
  • Your Coaching Position
  • Template for Coaching
  • Incorporating Charity into Your Business
  • Purpose and Direction
  • Planning and Accountability
In this class you will improve your own life and in the process improve the lives of others as you gain a closer walk with the Lord and allow His truth to transform you! This is a class that you do not want to miss! Begin to experience transformation today!
November Time PST Location
5pm - 9pm
5pm - 9pm
9am - 1pm

Live Online Training Cost of the Class$697

Additional Classes Taught by La Vonne Earl, MCCPC

Classes are taught in groups and privately, online and in person. Classes cost $75.00 per person in groups and $150.00 for individuals in private. Classes are available upon request.

Class Title ET CT MT PT
Health and Weight Loss
1pm - 3pm
12pm - 2pm
11pm - 1pm
10pm - 12pm