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Couples Training

3 Days Feb 7th 6-9pm PST , 8th 6-9pm PST and 9th 10-1pm PST ONLINE
Come explore your own life, what are your passions, dreams and goals? Are they conflicting with your spouse’s passions, goals and dreams? Learn how to communicate in a way that brings the two of you closer together and helps you to each reach your own dreams as well as your passions and dreams as a couple. Become more fulfilled, heal broken areas, develop more passion, improve your sex life! Improve each key area of your life both apart and together! Learn how to pray for your spouse, how to bless them and help heal any broken areas of their life!
This training is great for premarital, for couples experiencing problems, and for those that want to make their marriage better than ever! 

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February Time PST Location
6pm - 9pm
6pm - 9pm
10am - 1pm

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 If you have any questions about the training program please feel free to contact us at  info@ykicoaching.com