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Health and Weight Loss


Jan 2nd Online 10am-12pm PST The body, mind and spirit are all three interconnected, so weight loss must involve all three. Often weight loss involves only “dieting” and because of that the individual will gain the weight back after it is lost. Furthermore, because we were never meant to live on a “diet” doing so will cause mind rebellion furthering your emotional damage with food. Individuals must develop a healthy mindset and relationship with food in order to reprogram their thinking about food. Once your mind is healthy the overeating will stop. You will begin to understand your body and love yourself. Your desire instead will be to care for your self in a way that nourishes your body, mind and spirit. Having an understanding of nutrition and the proper way to eat is also extremely important. Many people have never experienced how wonderful food can taste and how good healthy eating can make you feel. Alkaline eating will eliminate disease, help you to lose weight and feel great! We will work with you and your schedule in order to establish food preparation and planning for the week so that you can be successful and will love food again! We will also address the spiritual aspect involved with eating to further enhance your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Come experience a better way to weight loss. Get healthy and lose weight the permanent way!

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