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Peace and Freedom through Forgiveness

Peace and Freedom through Forgiveness
is unforgiveness blocking the love, power, energy and blessings from the Lord in your life? Do you want to forgive and yet find it so incredibly difficult? Whether you are forgiving a coworker that has caused you grief, infidelity in your marriage, or you have had major trauma in your life, God’s word will not only heal you and restore you, but through forgiveness you will have a surge of love and energy like you have never experienced. In this class I will help to give you a paradigm shift in the way you view the person, organization or event that caused you grief in your life. Together we will go through some very Godly exercises, have time for healing, and spend the last 20 minutes meditating on Jesus Christ and His crucifixion (without being too graphic), and what the cross means for us in our life. This will be a life changing experience and will bring you Peace and Freedom.
The CD for this class is Peace and Freedom through Forgiveness.

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