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Each YKI associate is a Certified Christian Professional Coach, CCPC. In addition to their own specialty training they have been through the YKI Christ Centered Coach training and practice the YKI method® in order to help you achieve your goals.

Dawn Damon

Dawn Damon


Dawn Scott Damon is a certified life and career coach with YKI. She is a Pastor, Motivational Speaker, and Award-winning Author of 4 books, which include When the Woman You Love Was Abused, and When the Woman Abused is You, both of which explore the painful aftermath of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma.

Dawn specializes in coaching those who want to heal from trauma and regain identity, find clarity in their purpose, and get traction in making life-changing choices and actions that will lead them into personal life mastery and success. Using the Word of God, cognitive realignment and renewal transforms minds, hearts, and habits, as Dawn guides her clients into freedom and healing, while activating God-given gifts and releasing His magnificent dream for each life.