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Enmeshed and Compartmental Thinking

Enmeshed thinking, like compartmental thinking can be had for good or evil. Let me explain both and show you how to use them to your advantage. Enmeshed thinking is like wires that all connect.


For example, You husband has an affair, you discover that the woman had blonde hair. You turn on the news and the reporter has blonde hair, now you are no longer watching the news or separating this woman for who she is, you are enmeshing her with past grievances. This is unhealthy enmeshed thinking. There is a positive and healthy way to use enmeshed thinking however.

For example let’s use your belief in God. If it is enmeshed into every area of your life you will have great integrity and like wires enmeshing themselves into every fiber of your being you will act according to your belief in God.

Compartmental thinking is different. It looks more like this:


It too can be had for good or evil An example of an unhealthy compartmental way of thinking is when one gets married and yet they see their spouse as being someone that they love and care for when they are at home. When they are away they adapt to a new compartment and no longer think about home, thus affecting their decisions often in unhealthy ways.

There is however a healthy way to use compartmental thinking. For example using a traumatic experience of one being raped when they were twenty one years old. Using compartmental thinking and placing that event where it belongs and separating it from your current life can help this individual to have healthy sexual relations with their married spouse.

These are both extreme examples of enmeshed thinking and compartmental thinking being had for good or evil. Both styles can be adapted in many areas of your life to help you to live your best life!

-La Vonne Earl