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Grateful People Are Blessed

DepressionHave you ever noticed that people that are grateful are truly happy? Perhaps you think they are happy because things are going really well in their life, which very well could be true. Or perhaps there is a bigger secret as to why they are so blessed. I believe it is because they look for the blessings in their life. Like seeing gold everywhere they look. You might point out to them that it is really fools gold, but to them it is the prettiest sparkle they have ever seen.

This simple act of looking for the blessings in your life develops the prefrontal cortex of the brain, where all your happy emotions are stored. Did you know that the more you practice looking for joy, the bigger this part of the brain begins to grow? This makes it easier and more natural to see and feel joy daily.

The more joyful people are, the more others enjoy being around them, which further blesses the person because they have more people in their life. Social people are happier people.

Joyful, happy people are usually better at demonstrating gratitude for others. Either by verbally expressing their gratitude in person or through gifts and/or acts of service.

Think about it, who doesn’t want to do more for the grateful individual in their life? When people appreciate us we naturally want to do more for them.

So in your relationships, no matter who it is, your child, spouse, parent or business relationship, show your gratitude for them for the blessings they have given to you. Regardless of whether they have blessed you in a small or large way, find out their love language and seek to bless them! And seriously come on, not just once, do it often! They in turn will come to enjoy your company and will seek to do more for you!

By the way, what has happened to the thank you card? Does anybody do those anymore? This is a practice that is becoming so rare these days. If someone receives a thank you card from you they will feel you have gone above and beyond when really you are practicing something that is a common courtesy.

Our pastor Rick Warren has said that all you need to do is just a little bit more than average and people will think you are outstanding!

Become a grateful person and watch the blessings begin to pour into your life! Including feeling great because you know you are blessed!

-La Vonne