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How to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Let go of the baggage!

    Your negative past will continue to haunt you until you deal with it and cleanse it.
    There is much to be said about this, for starters if you become a new creation in Christ He will cleanse you of your past and forgive all of your sins. Let it go!

  2. Take Action!

    You must take control of what has been placed in your life to control. Thinking others will do the work for you will keep you stuck, get up and get going!

  3. Set a Goal and Maintain your focus.

    Distractions come in all forms. Keep your eye on the prize, stay focused. Obviously immediate needs of those relying on you, like small children must be met so set realistic goals and go for it! A little at a time will bring success.

-La Vonne Earl