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How to Stop Worrying

Do you find yourself rehearsing things over and over again in your mind and wish it would stop? Are you ready to have more peace in your life? Would you like to trust that everything will be worked out for your good? Then guess what? the time is NOW to stop worry so much and I am going to give you some pointers on how to do that. *I will use relationships as an example, but this example can be used for each area of your life whether it is career, finances, emotional health, physical health, spiritual life, etc.

 The first thing you need to do is:

  1. BELIEVE, the way to truly believe is to have a vision for how things will look when they do work out. Create the picture, every detail. This is what makes our Christian Meditation so beneficial. We help personalize a vision for what you truly want and with that vision we also help your unconscious mind to believe that it will! Hope becomes possible and you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  
  2. SPEAK only the vision you created. If your vision is of a good relationship with someone, then only speak that! Nothing contrary! When you see the individual or talk by phone speak as though it is already the way you desire the relationship to be!
  3. THINK only the thoughts that are of the vision you desire. Use your imagination for good! Imagine yourself so in love with the individual you have made a goal with. They don't even have to cooperate, you might not even be in a estranged relationship with them, but IMAGINE and THINK only of how good it really is!
  4. REBUKE WORRY! Don't allow it! You DO have control! Realize as we all know that worry has no benefit and does not help, in fact it hurts! 
  5. PLAN! Planning gives us a sense of control and a vision of HOPE! Plan how you will mend this relationship! Write a loving text each day filled with blessings, pray with love, vision and hope for the individual. Prepare what you will do when known events occur. Remember change does not happen until you do something different. Doing the same brings the same results. 
  6. BLESS! Bless yourself with affirmations to encourage yourself that you CAN do this! Bless others as well!
  7. TRUST that life is good! This will change your perspective and you will begin to see light instead of darkness. As Christians we believe in a GOOD GOD that desires to bless and work all things out for our good, so believe in Him and Trust that He will do what He says.

         *Watch for our next email on Christian Meditations.

          We will give you some Scripts and Affirmations to help you along! 

          Have a blessed day, and remember to Change Your Mind, so you can

          Change Your Life!

          Many Blessings to you,

           La Vonne