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How Well Do You Love?

Love is the Greatest

Since love is the greatest attribute of all human qualities then the question we should all be asking ourselves is “How Well Do I Love?”

I believe most of us set out with great intentions to love others. No one I believe sets out to get a divorce or to fight with their loved ones. So what then is the secret to loving well?

Some would say that loving well is about forgiveness, selflessness, and kindness, all those answers would be right, but is there also more to it?

There certainly is! Loving really well is a skill that can be learned and developed to help you improve all of your relationships!

Whether they are personal or business, loving well is what makes the difference. It is certainly easy to love those that are like us. Well, what about those that are so very different in religion, beliefs, actions, etc.? How do we love those people? In the Christ Centered Coach Training I teach one of the most fundamental and important skills in life, Relating to Others. You will learn how to create and connect on common ground in a way that builds Trust and Rapport. This skill alone is worth the training in itself! Additionally you will learn:

  • How to eradicate the root causes of self sabotage
  • How to bless others in a way that brings healing
  • How to reprogram your mind so that it speaks loving words
  • NLP
  • Godly Anchoring
  • Communication
  • How to be a professional or personal coach to the important people in your life, and so much more!

Sign up today for YKI Christ Centered Coach Training. You will improve your own life and be equipped to help others improve theirs. Oct. 6-8th is going to be the last live training for a long while.You don’t miss it! Find out more information and receive your discount click here.