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Intent Vs. Approach

intent vs approach

Have you ever had great intentions for a wonderful evening with your loved one only to have it end in turmoil? You think to yourself “what happened?” Maybe you surprised your loved one with something you thought was great and still they were upset, somehow they still felt unloved, under appreciated and not at all what you intended for them to feel.

Most of us intend to do great things, to have great relationships, and to help others feel loved and appreciated. When we do not achieve these goals the problem lies in our approach.

The Bible tells us that the foolish women or man tears down their own house. Proverbs 14:1

Most of us get that, we understand that this verse is referring to being wise and following the Lord in what He has commanded us to do, to be a blessing to our spouse and children, to manage our home and to create peace within it. This is absolutely true and exactly what we need to be doing, but what if you think you are doing that and still your home or relationships are falling apart?

This is where approach comes in. In order to have the right approach we must sharply listen in order to gain the knowledge of where the true need is. “Proper Listening and Good Communication” are skills that can be learned. Once they are developed you will be able to really hear the exact need of those you long to bless. You will begin to understand them better. You will hear where exactly they are hurting so that your approach will match your intent.

The people in some of your relationships have probably been telling you either directly or indirectly exactly what it is they need, but perhaps your listening skills have not yet been sharpened enough to understand what it is they want.

There are many things that block our ability to listen and hear in a way that will help us to use the right approach in order to meet the needs of others. Once you are aware of them you will be able to really hear what the other person is trying to tell you. Many times the person you are listening to doesn’t have good communication skills and so listening for the covert message becomes that much more important, and then clarifying what it is you think they might be telling you.

Never assume that you know the answer. Your skilled questions will help you to gain more information.

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