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A New Mind for this New Year!

NewYearAs this New Year begins you have the opportunity to create a new life. The secret to a new life is a new mind. How can we create this “new mind” for ourselves? Are you aware that the subconscious and the conscious mind do not know the difference between real experiences or imagination?

Our five senses operate from mental visions. For example take a moment to visualize a lemon, take the time to see the color in your mind, imagine holding the lemon and feeling the bumpy skin, now picture yourself cutting the lemon in half, breathe in the citrus smell, your mouth begins to water just thinking about the sour flavor, and then you visualize squeezing that lemon into your mouth, your mouth is watering so much you begin swallowing, your teeth might even ache just thinking about it.  Physically your body reacted to the thoughts you gave your mind about the lemon. Why is that? The lemon was not real, it was only imagined. This is how closely connected our mind is to our physiology. The same is true for watching a sad movie and crying. It is not real, it is only a movie, but your imagination and empathy allowed you to “experience” the sadness portrayed.

Since our imaginations have such a strong impact on us it makes sense to use our imagination for benefit, ways that will create success in our life.  Scripture tells us to take every thought captive. 2 Corinthians 10:5. God knows and warns us that thoughts are powerful. They are the beginning to actions. Those actions will either be good or evil due to the thoughts that created them.

Take for example an athlete, they visualize their game, how they will play, what moves they will make, the strides they will take. The same is true for a successful business leader, they visualize speaking to others, their business plan, the associates they will work with, the office they will work out of.

Neuro Linguistics Programming has taught us that we can take a successful individual and copy their thoughts and behaviors in order to gain success ourselves in an area that the successful individual models for us. As Christians Jesus Christ is our model for the behavior we wish to emulate. We seek to copy His thoughts and behavior, additionally when we invite His spirit to live within us we will be led by a much higher power creating within us a new mind, which in turn brings a new life!

-La Vonne Earl