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A Coach for Christ

A Coach For Christ


If you are someone who desires to coach others professionally, or you simply desire to improve your own life and those you influence, this book is for you! Written with great insight and an easy format to follow, you will learn how to live your life with balance and purpose. You will learn many secular techniques that are in agreement with God’s Word, the Bible.

La Vonne offers tools such as anchoring, meditation and affirmation in a practical and godly way. She does a great job leading and pointing others to Jesus and teaches you how to do the same. She will build your confidence as a disciple and coach for Christ.

You will learn that you do not need to know the answers, only the questions. Asking the right questions at the right time is an acquired skill and one that La Vonne fully equips you to do.

You will become a great communicator through practicing these techniques and will improve your relationships in the process as you learn to gain and keep rapport with others.

La Vonne has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have enhanced my relationships with family and friends. I feel more at peace, calm and exponentially more confident. More importantly, I became a Christian because of her inspiration and influence. My life feels incredibly rich as a result. I am forever grateful to La Vonne and her influence.
-Melissa Cohen

La Vonne Earl is herself first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ. She has been a great influence in the lives of others and has had the privilege of bringing many to Christ through the methods she teaches in this book. As the founder and director of the nonprofit ministry YKI coaching she equips and empowers other believers to also become an influence for God’s Kingdom. Improving lives and bringing others into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is La Vonne’s passionate journey!

Having a life coach is found in the Bible- Jesus is our LIFE COACH. La Vonne Earl skillfully makes that point in her well-researched book A Coach for Christ! You will learn keys to succeeding in life, in relationships, and a heart-level communication when you read this book! I’ve not found anything more clear on the subject, and I can promise you it will move you forward in your influential ministry of blessing others. Read it as a manual, apply it as living truth, and pass it on as a Christ-centered model to those whose you want to help in their journey.
– Brian Simmons, Lead Translator, The Passion Translation Project

In this book, La Vonne is passionate in leading others to see themselves as God intended them to be- to experience God’s more excellent way of living. She personally lives this foundational truth of a Christ- centered life. HeHr true desire is to see all people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and experience true freedom! Her coaching methods bring wholeness through biblical based tools to transform our body, mind and spirit through the Holy Spirit and one’s true identity.
– Julie Stott, South Pacific Women Empowered Ministry

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