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Born to Bloom


Are you ready to bloom into your full potential?

Born to Bloom is a Christ-centered, biblically based resource for both men and women wounded by sexual abuse. Unlike other programs causing great pain, this 7-week course helps you to focus on the impact of abuse and not the abuse itself. This workbook is intended to be used along with the 7-week video course found at www.YKIcoaching.com/borntobloom.

Right from the start you will feel that you are not alone as you journey with La Vonne for your complete healing. You will gain clarity along with peace coming from the new, healthy narration she helps you to build. You will spend time in scripture and journaling through highly engaging questions that cause you to get a beautiful vision for your future.

La Vonne’s positive and engaging style is simple and practical. She utilizes methods that are Biblically inline and cause you to develop a closer walk with Jesus.



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