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*Since our primary goal is to provide excellent coaching service to our clients, and your wellness is our number one concern, we do not want price to get in the way of you reaching your goals. YKI coaching offers excellent coaching and is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

  • I took a coaching class of La Vonne’s taught by Michelle. The class was very informative, and I know it will help me communicate better with not just my patients, but with everyone I come in contact with. Thank you so much for offering a class on Christ-Centered Coaching! I also highly recommend La Vonne for counseling. She has helped me set goals and taught me how to reach them. She is a caring person and has had a positive impact in my life. Thank You, La Vonne!

    -Lorna P
  • YKI training is an outstanding model which equips individuals and coaches alike with the skillset to empower others in their lives on all levels of body, mind and spirit. The YKI approach encourages well-being in all the key areas of one’s life with God at the center. I highly recommend YKI coach training if you have a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

    -Lisa Kopstein
  • I am a recent student of La Vonne Earl and YKI coaching. I found La Vonne’s approach personally empowering, and professionally motivating. I have the tools to not only confidently coach but to live out my personal life with a new Godly self-awareness that is leading me to the success I have always hoped for! My time with La Vonne Earl and in taking the YKI coaching classes has been life-changing, and I cannot wait to share what I have learned with those close to me and future clients.

    -Michelle G.
  • I have gotten to know La Vonne through her teaching of the YKI coaching method. She was very thorough. It was clear through her illustrations of her experiences that she is a gifted Life Coach. I enjoyed the certification process and learned so much. Her enthusiasm has helped motivate me to answer a calling to help others. Having taken many counseling classes, seminars and attending counseling myself, I find this method of Life Coaching with Christ to be a more productive way of evaluating and moving forward. I feel that learning this information though the certification process has brought a balancing effect and clarity to me personally. Thank you, La Vonne. You did a lovely job and helped someone learn to help others. God bless you as you continue.

    -Kimberly J.

    I’ve had the privilege of being coached by La Vonne personally and then the opportunity to receive training through YKI. The training was educational and hands-on. Both were great and life altering! Thanks, La Vonne!

    -Telesa Wright
  • Thank you so much for pouring into us and sharing your wisdom and experience with us this week. You are giving us the necessary tools to equip us to go do great things for God!

    -Dee Whitaker
  • When I began to seriously consider the next season of my life and move ahead professionally, I wanted a training program that was complete in mind, body and spirit. The in-depth information and training methods La Vonne teaches through YKI coaching and her continued guidance and encouragement have been exactly what I needed to begin my new business.

    -Kellie Nunez
  • I am grateful for the tools I learned in order to deal with situations in day-to-day life. Taking the YKI training has given me a life I have always longed to have. Praise God for the work has done through La Vonne and the gift to be a life coach. I highly recommend YKI if you are needing to learn to work a new way of thinking into a new way of living. Of all the gifts I receive today, this one changed my life the most.

    -Chaunte Barrilleaux
  • La Vonne is an amazing Christ-centered coach/trainer! I had the good fortune of completing the Wainwright Global coaching certification under her instruction. She is very compassionate, knowledgeable, and an excellent facilitator. I would highly endorse her as both a coach and a life coach trainer.

    -Lisa Kelly-Wellness Consulting
  • YKI Coach Training has helped transform my leadership, discipleship, and mentoring gifts into an enormously successful career. My testimony is now being used to empower, encourage, and cause divine breakthrough for my clients, and I couldn’t have done it without YKI’s proven methods! YKI coaches are experts at helping you get unstuck by showing you how to unlock the answers that lie deep inside your mind and heart, and propel you to the next level. You don’t have to go through years of expensive counseling to make huge strides in your personal, career, and health goals. Change your mind, change your life!

    -Valerie Dean
  • La Vonne Earl has coached me personally and trained me to be a Christ-centered life coach. La Vonne is clear, intuitive and motivating. The aspect of LaVonne’s expertise that I find most beneficial is her ability to know how to apply scripture accurately and powerfully. The certification course with La Vonne was so interesting and enjoyable. The training has a great balance of instruction and hands-on experience. La Vonne is ALL IN when it comes to her passion for life coaching and helping people get unstuck and reach their goals. She continues to be a true blessing and inspiration to me personally and professionally.

    -Tricia Duffy
  • La Vonne has a heart for others, wisdom from years of experience, and a strong desire to help people improve all aspects of their lives. She coaches with integrity, commitment, and most importantly, a belief in God that influences every thought and action. She also has a humble heart that allows her to put aside her own feelings and advice in order to offer the coaching that is truly best for her clients. I would feel comfortable referring La Vonne to any of my family members, friends or business associates. I would also like to provide a strong endorsement of the Christ-centered coach training offered by YKI coaching. It is thorough, filled with great tools, and will be a valuable asset to anyone interested in becoming a Certified Christian Professional Coach. Even those desiring to improve relationships, offer more effective guidance or mentoring to others, or simply gain a better understanding of God’s purpose for their lives will be blessed by this exceptional training.

    -Linda Dahl
  • La Vonne is transforming my life! I am a survivor of child abuse from my schizo affective father. Failure kept me alive. She has brought me from wounded victim to victorious healer. She speaks God’s Truth of who I really am. She shines joyful light into my darkness. She encouraged me to become a Christian life coach. La Vonne is an exceptional trainer. She is engaging, articulate and professional. She is the coach who will help you be all you can be. She is teaching me how I can be all I can be.

    -Kevin Osborne
  • I am in AWE of La Vonne Earl and YKI. The brilliance and beauty of God’s Spirit shines forth in La Vonne and her training for YKI. La Vonne is an inspired coach who helps train men and women into the position they were destined for. La Vonne’s expertise of Life Coaching combined with her dedication, compassion, patience and diligence shines through as she teaches the YKI concepts. Her passion is so extraordinary! I was propelled into the position to be exactly what I have been destined for. I love being a Life Coach and helping others! With all my heart, I give both Jesus and La Vonne my gratitude. I am sharing this testimony with joy to others about YKI, i.e., You Know It. It is the BEST for coaching and training!

    -Geraldine Goddard
  • I have had the privilege of completing training as a Christian Professional Coach through YKI Coaching! It was one of the best trainings I have received and would highly recommend anyone to experience the coaching of this program. The Director, La Vonne Earl, is amazing and tremendously gifted in this industry. The core values are impeccable, the learning format easy, and the rewards are priceless! Prepare to be transformed and blessed!

    -Parks Holt
  • I am so blessed to have La Vonne Earl in my life! She is an amazing friend and coach. The YKI training is life-changing! I encourage anyone and everyone to take it! We had so much fun while learning new methods of relating to others! I enjoyed meeting the other coaches as well. Because of this training, I now have the tools that have helped me personally in all areas of my life. I am so excited to be equipped to help others live a balanced and blessed life!

    -Coach Tabby Greeney

About Us


We are a Christian organization that seeks to help each individual live his or her best life! Every coach has been trained and certified using the YKI method of coaching. All coaches are trained and qualified to work in the six key areas of your life in order to help you live a balanced, productive and successful life!

Our Purpose

We recognize that each and every individual is created unique with their own talents, method of learning, belief system, and lifestyle. We work with everyone from the stay at home mom to the highest leader. We appreciate your uniqueness and will adapt to your style in order to bring you the success you desire.

Our Approach

To provide the incentive and direction that our clients need in order to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. We help clients to:

Hone in on their skills and ambitions.
Refocus their life goals.
Overcome obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals.

It's time to get the Sound Mind and A Content Life YOU deserve! Our coaches can help!

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