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Rethinking Rejection

Rejection! Something each and every one of us goes through at some time or another in our life, in different areas of our lives, mostly in our relationships which includes work. All of life is about relationships whether in our personal or professional life.  We either feel accepted or rejected. And rejection can be quite painful, draining our self-esteem, our passion, our time, and undermining our ability to succeed IF we are viewing it from the wrong perspective!

Let’s first talk about Perceived Rejection. Perceived rejection is when you assume that someone’s no or non-response is about you. We must also be careful if we believe we are being rejected not to personalize it. This is either a rejection to our business or our close relationships. Timing is a factor in all things, and what was once a no or not now, could be a yes in the future. So, no burning bridges! We also need to take a look at our approach and see if coming at things from a different angle would be helpful.

Rethink Rejection

Rejection holds many positive aspects to it if we will just take a look. Before we do that lets first look at what it is, we are pursuing in our life. We need a big picture.

We need a Dream-Hopefully we all have one! The dream to be successful. To be financially independent and free! To be happy, in great relationships! Enjoying life! We need vision! Vision gives us life, and this is how we were created to live, as creative people! Building a great, abundant life and we begin that life with our dream!

Your Response to Rejection will determine whether or not you are going to be able to achieve your dream. This is why we need to re think rejection!

Let me give you the 5 Top Truths about Rejection:

  1. Rejection is confirmation that you possess an achievable dream. -There is always opposition. So, if there is rejection there has to be acceptance. Rejection is the key showing you where to look to find this acceptance.
  2. Rejection is a guide. You have what someone wants, there are people with your same beliefs, desires and even similar dreams. These people will turn into great relationships or sales!  So, remember when you are rejected by one this just means you are going to be accepted another. Your guide has just revealed this truth. Your guide will help you decide who or what does not belong in your future. This guide is a great motivator helping you to go in a new direction! New directions are inevitable, it is a part of life called change.Change is always occurring in our lives. The more we embrace this change and allow our guide to show us the way, the more successful we will be!
  3. Rejection is simply theopinion of one. Obviously, your opinion is different than the one rejecting you. They have just revealed to you that you need to look for other like-minded people that are accepting of you. This is not a bad thing! In fact it is quite good! Learn from them and redirect your focus to others that want what you have to offer! Keep in mind that your odds of acceptance increase the more you reach out. For example, if you are dating and you feel discouraged because you are not finding the right person, keep your focus on what you want because you will achieve it eventually, maybe even tomorrow if you do not give up! The same goes for your business, getting clients, the sales you desire, the more you reach out the more likely for success.

You have great value and worth! Your beliefs and dreams have great worth! Believe in them! Believe in yourself! After all, you know your dreams and yourself better than anyone!

  1. Rejection is powerless without your cooperation.The way we interpret rejection is what brings the pain, not the rejection itself. In truth, rejection is your friend withholding no secrets, exposing all enemies and closing every wrong door. How you respond is what will determine your success.
  2. Rejection reveals those incapable of understanding.Whether it is understanding your worth, your business or your dreams, their rejection indicates that they do not get it! I know this is tough for those of you that have family members that are negative or critical of your job or any of your passions, or they are out right rejecting you! Just remember it is not your job to make them understand! You cannot make anyone understand any way. When they have a desire to understand then they will get it. If you have already sat down with them and explained your dream and the action steps you are taking, then you have done your part and they will just have to witness your success on their own.  This is your dream and your life that you are building, they can either get on board or not. You know The Purpose or The Why you are pursuing your dream. Your purpose is the driving force to your success!

*This doesn’t mean you need to burn bridges with family members because they have not yet gotten on board with your dream. It just means that you know and believe in what you are doing, so you keep doing it!

*Be your authentic self and keep going! God made you to shine, to be success and to have a blessed and abundant life! Keep believing! Keep reaching out to others! Someone wants what you have to offer!

*One of the most important things we can do to keep believing in ourselves is to daily go talk to the one that made you! Your creator loves you and will never reject you! The more that you bask in His love for you the more confidence you will have!

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