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Reviews for Cyndi

“Cyndi is an exceptional fitness and nutrition coach! Her passion, knowledge and professionalism have helped me tremendously. Even after coming off a 6 month injury, she worked with me to gain the strength again. Cyndi’s personal attention to her clients is world class! I look forward to training with her again!!”

-Lisa Harden

“I can vouch for the benefits from working with Cyndi. I have benefited from the training sessions for a year now. I almost look forward to her visits. I highly recommend Cyndi’s services.”

-Jon Barrist

“Cyndi’s one on one training is exceptional and specific to my needs. Her expertise in nutrition helped me to modify how I was eating. I would recommend her to anyone!!”

-Karen Reisbeck

“Cyndi has sure helped me in the last 6 months, down over 25 lbs, inches lost everywhere (particularly nice in my waist and stomach – I can wear more of my clothes now), Cyndi’s coaching has helped me to be more accountable and she makes working out fun.”

– Rich Roux

“Cyndi always brings it. I highly recommend her as a coach/trainer. The energy she brings is infectious! She makes sure you benefit from your workout and uses your time wisely. Go for it you will not be sorry! The only thing you will miss is your extra weight and you will not miss that at all! ”

-Lori Biele

“I’m thankful for Cyndi’s consistent dedication to helping others with their fitness goals. I’ve appreciated all she’s done for me with weight loss and building my strength and endurance. I know Cyndi cares about her clients. I’m glad I have made use of her services. ”

-Bob Browning

“Cyndi is one of the best people I know. I met her in 2012….wow has it been that long?!? She was my personal trainer and she challenged me to push myself harder every single meeting. She casually mention she taught spin and I was terrified but she was so welcoming that I went for it. It was love at first spin. If u are a beginner and just starting then here’s the women for you. If you are looking to step up your workout then she will challenge you. I’m blessed to call her my friend.”

-Heidi Westrom