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Reviews for La Vonne Earl

“I highly recommend La Vonne for counseling. She has helped me set goals and taught me how to reach them. She is a caring person and has had a positive impact in my life. Thank You, La Vonne!”

-Lorna P


I started coaching with La Vonne during one of my darkest hours. I had been through several of the most traumatic experiences one can go through in life compounded one after the other. The death of my niece, the death of my grandmother, empty nest, loss of a career and our home to start. Followed by 4 surgeries, the devastating loss of my mom, job losses and relocation away from my children. I have had a dream to be a life and hope coach since 2007 and when I looked at the devastation I had gone through I felt that I was at a place with no hope and no hope of helping others. I was seeking out coaching certification programs as a step forward and was referred to La Vonne’s program buy a dear friend who was also desiring to coach others. After she finished the YKI program she was on fire! When I contacted La Vonne and shared my story, her compassion and wisdom for where I was struck a chord so deep, I saw a Light of hope again. I started coaching with La Vonne and she helped me to open the doors to my dreams, and help me to move through much of the brokenness I had experienced. La Vonne helped me to feel safe and become vulnerable and open in all of the key areas of my life. Even though I felt that it would take months or even years to recover, in just a very short time I was taking the coaching certification program and on my way to opening up my dreams!

Dottie Riotto

Hi LaVonne,

I don’t have time to write the 20 pages it would take to thank you for the 8 months you invested in my life. Within a week after the loss of my job and my breast cancer surgery you showed up on my front porch with dinner for 6. From that day, you faithfully prayed for me, fed me (And Duane) taught me basic nutritional truths (that I should have already known) walked with me, listened to me and pointed me to the source of encouragement- the Holy Spirit on a weekly basis.

I’ve known Jesus as my Savior since childhood, yet when disaster struck- the foundation shook in an unfamiliar way, and I truly was physically and spiritually dying of the nutrition one needs to regroup and refocus. You were the angel God planned for this season in my life and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

Your faithful obedience to the call on your life was an amazing life transformation for me, Duane, my kids (Who witnessed your love) and everyone I tell. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit.

Believe it or not- we continue to use our book of recipes, our food processor and refer back to the books you suggested we read so often. God’s timing always surprises me, but His angels are hand picked- and we will thank Him always and forever for you.

Our love to you and your precious family!!!


I am a recent student of La Vonne Earl and YKI Coaching. I found La Vonne’s approach personally empowering, and professionally motivating. I have the tools to not only confidently coach but to live out my personal life with a new Godly self awareness that is leading me to the success I have always hoped for! My time with La Vonne Earl and in taking the YKI coaching classes has been life changing and I can not wait to share what I have learned with those close to me and future clients.

Michelle G.

As CEO of Hines Financial Group I have worked with many coaches and advisors throughout my career. LaVonne Earl is a first class coach and runs her business in a first class way. Her advice was very helpful and very solid from a Christian perspective. It’s very easy to loose perspective in the day to day challenges that we all face. Through the coaching LaVonne brings you back to focus on what’s really important in life.

Patrick H.

The online Health and Weight Loss class was a great way to start the year! It’s great because it not only addresses the food you should be eating but how the mind and spirit work together with the body to produce the results you desire. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to become healthier in their mind, body and soul!

Teri P.

I have gotten to know LaVonne through her teaching of the YKI Coaching method. She was very thorough. It was clear through her illustrations of her experiences, that she is a gifted Life Coach. I enjoyed the certification process and learned so much. Her enthusiasm has helped motivate me to answer a calling to help others. Having taken many counseling classes, seminars and attending counseling myself, I find this method of Life Coaching with Christ to be a more productive way of evaluating and moving forward. I feel that learning this information though the certification process has brought a balancing effect & clarity to me personally. Thank you LaVonne. You did a lovely job and helped someone learn to help others. God Bless you as you continue.

Kimberly J.

LaVonne wanted to take this time to let you know how much you have helped me in the last couple of months. I do see growth, learning to change my thinking, & pray all the time & use the tools you have given me . I am blessed you are in my life, Thanks for all your LOVE & support.

Teri Reach

La Vonne is helping me speak a new language as a victorious healer. She is being used by her Lord to bring me to a higher level of awareness of my God-given potential. When she first started working with me, I was stuck in thinking that I couldn’t progress towards all my goals from a life filled with physical and emotional abuse that started with my schizo affective father. Thanks to her intervention the man who still had this hurting wounded boy inside of him, is making that journey to healing within.

There is this genuine concern that beats in La Vonne’s heart for others. She knows that her divine purpose is to help people overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from living their life with joy and fulfilment. I have had much destructive programming to overcome of being told not only by my father, but so many in my family and some of my friends, that I would always be the weak,lazy, stupid good for nothing, my father said I was. When I heard so many people speak these words of death into my spirit, I began to believe the lies.

It has taken much prayer and many people of La Vonne’s determination and dedication to help me see, that I am not the lies I have been told.

I highly recommend La Vonne to you. She will help you travel from victim to overcomer. What a beautiful and triumphant story that would be for you to tell others!

Thank you, La Vonne, for hearing my wounded heart. You are teaching me that I can use my journey to be a victorious healer of others.

Kevin Osborne

La Vonne has changed my life in so many positive ways. I reached out to her during a difficult time in my life, at the recommendation of a close friend. I was not a Christian when I called upon her but she worked with me, respecting that I was trying to find my own way. With her thoughtful and loving guidance, I have found much needed clarity. She helped me sort out the stressors that were impacting my life while uplifting me. With La Vonne’s coaching, I have enhanced my relationships with family and friends.I feel more at peace, calm and exponentially more confident. More importantly, I became a Christian because of her inspiration and influence. My life feels incredibly rich as a result. I am forever grateful to La Vonne for all that she has done and continues to do for me.

Melissa C

The first time I talked to La Vonne I was not a client. The way she talked to me and showed compassion and kindness, one would think I was paying her a million dollars. That’s what I love about her. She really cares. Before I was a client I was on prozac and my life emotionally was in really bad shape. After becoming a client, La Vonne has really helped me become a better mother, and wife, and even though I have been a Christian for a long time, my relationship with God has reached a level where I feel I am connected. I cannot write enough good things about this amazing woman of God. Being from a totally different culture (African), I find it amazing that she understands and gives me advise that I actually can relate. She is awesome.

Zoey Carpenter

I highly recommend La Vonne for Life Coaching. She is amazing. Very warm, kind, understanding and helps others in their area of need and weakness.

Michelle Livote

LaVonne has helped me re-discover my true identity in Christ. Her gentle and inspired guidance has helped me become more centered and focused on my relationship with Jesus. And the blessings keep coming! Thank you, LaVonne!


First I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You are so awesome! I came to you confused, upset, and lost. I had no control over my eating habits, my finances, my time, most importantly..my spiritual life.

After our first meeting, I knew exactly where I was going wrong. Within one short month, I learned how to control my life. I know exactly where my money is going, and have actually been saving and budgeting very well. I know exactly where my time is going, I’m eating 100% better without being told or hounded. The best thing is my relationship with God is better than ever. I actually cooked a meal by myself and my family loved it.

My husband is very happy with the results and my children say that I am much nicer. I appreciate the time that you spent with me, you so effortless changed my life forever. i am telling all of my friends about you. You come highly recommended. Thanks again.

Telesa Wright

For YEARS I’d been struggling with quitting smoking. I was on the patch, the nicotine gum, still smoking, sometimes all 3 at a time, mostly switching from the gum to the cigarette. As a recovering addict, I must tell you that tobacco is THE hardest thing to stay away from…with your best intentions to do so. I must have chewed that nicotine gum for over 10 years. I had been smoking for over 20. I’d pray to God with my request’s to stop smoking and He’d hear me, yet I’d quickly decide to take back what I had said to Him and continue. I knew I was in desperate need of some Strong Christian women, who had strong Faith in JESUS and therefore knew that their prayers to HIM were strong enough to do the job!

I’ve tried everything over the years….smoking hypnotherapy, selfhelp books, meditation CDs…DvD’s….nothing else worked. I’m a strong believer in the power of prayer, JESUS and La Vonne. Blessings to you and thank you soooo much, once again and always, La Vonne. You Rock!

In Him,

Teri Gugliotta

La Vonne is able to use her training, experience and expertise in a context of genuine love and service for our Lord. She has mentioned to me that she spends a great deal of time in prayer and studying God’s word. This is really manifested in conversations with her. I find her to be very approachable and friendly. Already from just two sessions I have more clarity, and I am on my way to removing some personal obstacles. Thank you very much La Vonne, I look forward to our future sessions.

Kevin Zaharas

La Vonne has been involved in our ministries through the areas of reaching out and connecting to our teenagers and parents for two years. Her mentorship with our teen girls has been wonderful as she has been able to support and guide them through the difficult developmental times of adolescents. Lavonne has also been active in creating curriculum and environments where parents can come together and share, learn and partner together in their journey in raising their kids!

Jason Bollback, Pastor of Student Life

During one of the most challenging life changing seasons imaginable La Vonne Earl rallied by my side. Her passion, kindness and willingness to help people thru difficult seasons is VERY heartfelt. Her character, transparency, and persistence continues to help me thru a very tough season. I would recommend Lavonne Earl to anyone going thru difficult times. The world is a better place because of her.

Kevin C. Wright

Thank you so much for pouring into us and sharing your wisdom and experience with us this week. You are giving us the necessary tools to equip us to go do great things for God!

Dee Whitaker

With your help I have gained new insight into my life, thank you for all of your coaching.

Susan Sherrill

Your class on Forgiveness helped me with so much pain that I was in! I had no idea I could feel this free! I am much happier and energetic simply because I learned to forgive.

Michelle D.

Learning how to control my thoughts has been the most empowering thing I have learned in my life! I now know that I have the power I need in order to feel the way I choose to feel.

Debbie L.

I highly recommend a personalized meditation CD by LaVonne Earl of Your Kingdom Inheritance Christian Life Coaching.So many of us have had bad programming growing up, the world, the flesh, the devil, not to mention family, friends, teachers, coaches, and love ones who have intentionally or unintentionally wounded us with words. The Word of God says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind Romans 12:2The meditation CD’s by LaVonne really help to do that. It’s the last thing I listen to before I go to sleep and the first thing I listen to when I wake up. Thank you LaVonne for your business/ministry of blessing and encouragement

Rafael Guajardo

La Vonne Earl is transforming my life!I am a survivor of child abuse from my schizo affective father.Failure kept me alive.She has brought me from wounded victim to victorious healer. She speaks God’s Truth of who I really am. She shines joyful light into my darkness. She encouraged me to become a Christian life coach. La Vonne is an exceptional trainer. She is engaging, articulate and professional. She is the coach who will help you be all you can be. She is teaching me how I can be all I can be.

Kevin Osborne

I am in AWE of La Vonne Earl and YKI. The brilliance & beauty of Gods’ Spirit shined forth in La Vonne and her training for YKI. La Vonne is an inspired coach that helps train men and women into the position they were destined for. La Vonne’s expertise of Life Coaching compelled with her dedication, compassion, patience and diligence shines through as she teaches the YKI concepts. Her passion is so extraordinary! I was propelled into the position to be exactly what I have been destined for, I love being a Life Coach and helping others! With all my heart I give both Jesus and La Vonne my gratitude. I am sharing this testimony with joy to others about YKI ie You Know It; Is the Best for coaching and training!

Geraldine Goddard

I am grateful for the tools I learned in order to deal with situation?s in day to day life. Taking the YKI training has given me a life I have always longed to have. Praise God for the work he has done through La Vonne Earl and the gift to be a life coach. I highly recommend YKI if you are needing to learn to work a new way of thinking into a new way of living. Of all the gifts I receive today, this one changed my life the most.

Chaunte Barrilleaux