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Sleep Well & Improve Your Life

We all know that sleep affects how we feel and perform in the day. The problem is most of us are not practicing habits that will improve our sleep. Here are just a few suggestions to help you get the sleep you need.

  1. Don’t shirk your housework. Make your bed everyday-launder the sheets often.
  2. Take your vitamins in the morning. Certain types, like B12, can cause vivid dreams, which can wake you.
  3. Quit the afternoon coffee run, or any snacks containing caffeine or sugar.
  4. Get rid of electronics in the bedroom. Charge them outside your bedroom. Keep your bedroom sacred. Allow only sleep and sex.
  5. Practice letting go. Write everything down and commit to dealing with it in the morning. Adopt prayer and meditation as a nightly practice.
  6. Keep the hours prior to bed quiet. Read and listen to relaxing music.
    Dim the lights at least one hour before hitting the pillow.

-La Vonne Earl