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Hi, I'm Erika

Giving you the financial freedom you desrve

My passion is helping talented people fulfill their creative passions (and make bank while doing it).

Erika Ulrich is a certified life coach specializing in building a financially successful life. As someone who has overcome the obstacle of not having a formal education and yet building a financially abundant life, she is the one to help you make your dreams come true! Erika has a passion for helping those with an entrepreneur mindset find time and financial freedom through building and growing their own businesses. She is a wife and mother of three young children and still finds time to be the Executive Regional Vice President of Arbonne International and to help others through coaching. Her business is growing and thriving, and she would love to help you grow your business too! She also loves helping people establish sustainable healthy lifestyles, as nutrition and fitness are top priorities for her. Her heart is for all people to know their God-given identity and to live from this place of power and abundance. She has helped many people uncover the lies they have believed and helped them rewrite their internal narrative and live a happy and fulfilled life! She is happily married with three children.

  • Financial Strategy
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Motivation
  • Identity
  • Balance
  • Financial Independence
  • Organizational Skills
  • Purpose and Direction
  • Positive Internal Dialogue
  • Parenting
  • "I really enjoyed working with Erika! She is energetic and motivating! She helped me launch my business, and I am now making a substantial income thanks to her!"

    -Julie M.
  • "Erika is the bomb! She taught me how to take care of my health and my skin! I used to have horrible acne, but now with this new regimen I have beautiful skin!"

    -Leslie S.
  • "Erika taught me how to manage my finances! I used to be overwhelmed with filing taxes and managing my household income. I am so grateful for her help! I have managed to save money, start my business and live the life of my dreams!"

    -Debbie M.

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