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Hi, Mark Gordon

Mark has been involved in faith, business and community leadership, family coaching and a keynote speaker for more than 30 years. His passion for people is evident whether speaking, writing or coaching. He is passionate to inspire and empower people, families and organizations to become relationally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. He is the author of “Relationship Matters”, an essential blueprint to building strong families and fostering healthy relationships. Additionally, Mark is currently Lead Pastor of “The Bridge” Community of Faith.

Working with Mark you will:

  • Improve Your Relationship skills
  • Increase Your Joy and Contentment
  • Improve Your Leadership Skills
  • Gain Confidence
  • Become More Authentic and Likeable
  • Reprogram Your Mind for Success
  • Learn Your True Identity
  • Mark and I go back almost 30 years now. In our early days we were competitors in the telecom industry but that all changed one day when Mark hired me. Since then we have never looked back! Today Mark is not only my best friend but also a mentor, coach and someone that has greatly impacted me in my work and family life. He has always had this incredible way of connecting with people which in turn has left a positive mark on their lives. I still use Mark as my coach and even though we are friends, he continues to show me the power of community via his blueprint of building healthy relationships.
    -Chris Dollinger - Regional Sales Manager
  • Mark has a remarkable capacity to connect with people. His skill as a Coach is exemplary. He is able to see through surface issues, and speak to the heart, seeing and providing wisdom that brings understanding, and steps to achieve what is desired and needed. Mark knows when and how to be direct while still supporting your strengths. I have experienced Marks intuition and wisdom which has helped me get to the point of what was important, rather than becoming exhausted by detours, just hoping to have what is needed revealed. Finally, Mark has a capacity to have those he mentors and coaches feel like friends not projects - a wonderful gift!
    -Jack Toth - Founder of Impact Society
  • Mark Gordon has three traits you look for in an exceptional relationship coach: First is "passion". I don't know anyone more passionately obsessed with healthy relationships. The second is "skill". I've seen Mark work first-hand with people, couples, families, and in professional environments where he puts his skills on display. He's funny, to the point, helpful, and engaging. And third, Mark is clearly "gifted" at helping people get better and be better. Sometimes passion and skill are not enough, but we need someone with exceptional insight into our situation. Whether a relationship at home or in business is strained, broken, unfulfilling, or lacks productivity, Mark can help. Mark has an uncanny ability to see what's going on beneath the surface and bring up and draw out practical solutions that we can apply immediately. He is never condescending, always respectful, very honoring, and relentlessly loving and hopeful. I highly recommend Mark and trust him with my own family.
    -Gary Chupik, Gary Chupik Leadership LLC Elite Mindset
  • In a 2nd marriage with seven children between us, we wanted solid advice and tested principles we could use to transform our own relationship when it was on the brink of hopeless disaster! Somehow Mark’s advice and stories cut through the rhetoric and gave us both insight to build a new life on. We loved each other, we just didn’t know about how important those pillars were! Highly recommend him and his book, it has improved our lives and love!
    -Sue Styles - Business Owner

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