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The Benefits of Gratitude


The simple thought of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects on your health and wellness.

It can lower blood pressure, improve immune function, give you positive feelings, passion for life and help you to sleep more soundly.

To help you develop the habit of gratitude simply create a time and place where you will think of five things you are grateful for each day. You might want to also keep a gratitude journal so that you can reflect back on what you are grateful for on the days you might not feel compelled to be thankful. Get specific when you do write, for example “I am grateful for my husband picking up the dry cleaning today,” or “my child gave me the sweetest hug today.”

To really amp up the blessings be prepared to show appreciation and return the kindness to others. In addition to serving your family and your close relationships it is helpful to think of the people that could really use your help by providing clean drinking water or a meal to those in need. Get your family involved in the process of serving others. This will not only bless their life, but will also create a love bond within the family and a home filled with gratitude. 

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for in my personal life: a restored marriage, a family that loves God, clean clothes, food and shelter.  

This year in ministry with YKI coaching here are a few of the recent things I am so grateful for:

  • A marriage that was saved and now their two beautiful boys have a secure family.
  • A woman that was able to reprogram her mind and feel safe again after a traumatic event.
  • A young man that was suicidal and is now passionate about life and is working to build his future. 
  • Together Freedom, the ministry we partner with and the young girls that have been saved from sex trafficking and are now rebuilding their lives. 

Our great trainer Michelle Leslie and the new coaches that she has trained that are now passionate to serve others! And many more successful stories from our coaches that are helping others to Change Their Mind so they can Change Their Lives!  Begin changing your life today by responding to this email letting us know what you are grateful for! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Gratitude, Happiness and Love! 

La Vonne Earl and The YKI coaching team