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Time to Think


Do you schedule time to think or are you on the continual carousel going around and around?

If you do not schedule time in your day to take a break and just breathe you will not have the success of a peaceful balanced life, you might not even have the business success that you are working so hard to achieve and here is why;

1. Like any muscle the mind needs to rest in order to grow.

If you are continually straining the muscles in your brain you might find that the brain becomes so overloaded that you can no longer concentrate and you will begin to forget things.

Your best inspiration comes when you are resting.

If you find yourself waking up during the night it is more than likely that you are not allowing yourself any quiet time in the day for your mind to process. As a Christian it is even more important to have the time that God needs to talk to you, otherwise He might have to wake you up when it is quiet, like in the middle of the night!

An overworked mind brings stress to the body.

The body, mind and spirt are all connected and when one area is stressed it stresses all the others. Everything begins with the mind and the thoughts that you put into it. How you feel is largely determined by how you think. If you are quiet for even just five minutes a day you will increase your overall health and your joy.

So take the much needed five to fifteen minutes daily to quiet your mind, think, ponder and pray.

-La Vonne Earl