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What do you see?

What Do You See?
What Do You See?


Are you aware that you will get what you see? Doesn’t make sense? Let me explain: Our minds are often made up about people and circumstances, we definitely form our opinions. This might be because of first impressions or years of receiving the outcome you did not desire. Our brains have a natural critical nature about them. We all have a natural tendency to look for the flaws in both people and situations. This is the brains protective mechanism. This is where awareness and healthy discernment come in to give your brain a new narration in order to “see the good” so that you can experience and bring into your life that which is good. This is a very intentional process as it does not come naturally, it takes the right tools and effort.

As a beginning exercise take notice of how often you actually look for the good in people and circumstances. It is amazing how when you begin to look for the good, good will come! Especially in people! When others feel like you see the good in them, good will come out of them! We spend three days in our Online Training going over many tools to really bring about the good in your life and the lives of others. You will not believe what you begin to see and experience after going through this training!

Here is a quick peek:

  • Anchoring–The first step is to begin to see the good in yourself! We cannot create in others that which we have not created in ourselves. Who are you? What are the positive qualities that you possess? What are the qualities you wish to acquire? Using the sense of touch and the sense of smell anchor these qualities within yourself each and every morning and night. Reprogramming the mind takes repetition in order to really take hold.
  • Visualization–Take the time to visualize the success you wish to have. What does that successful conversation look like? What steps will you take to get that success? This could be success in any area of your life, personal relationships, work relationships and goals, health, finances, etc. Without the vision of obtaining your goal it cannot be realized.
  • Create the Good– Often the good might not even be there in an individual or circumstance, however if you create it with your thoughts and words it can develop. When you experience people that are not so kind or capable often it is because no one took the time to create that good within them. They are in so much need of encouraging words and instruction. It is amazing what people can accomplish with some good vision and encouragement in their life. I see this happen all the time in my coaching practice! It just takes intention and time!
  • Giving Back – How much time to you spend giving your words, time and money to others? If we are going to “see the good” all around us we need to invest in that good we wish to see! True visionaries know the secrets to success and they invest in their family, their profession, their community and the world!

I have seen the good created in my people and in my world! I hope you will join me in that endeavor to see the good in those you come in contact with and the world in which you create!