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Words Can Make Dreams A Reality


What is the meaning of words? Many languages are spoken using words, but what do they really mean? Words are used to communicate so why aren’t they working the way we intend? Quite possibly we are using them incorrectly or we are not using the other component, which is listening.

Listening is one of the greatest aspects of communicating that is often overlooked. Most people do not have their listening skills refined in a way that truly helps the one speaking. Having this skill also works in your favor in order to reap the success you seek. It is in the listening that you gain the ability to communicate and understand. As your listening skills increase you will begin to hear with compassion and a heightened awareness that transcends mere words. What is the individual trying to say? What message are they trying to deliver? When a daughter exclaims “My dad never hears me!” is she telling us that he is hard of hearing or that he does not understand her? We all long to be understood, but isn’t there something greater than just being understood? I believe the underlying emotion that we all need is to be loved. Each and every one of us desires to be loved. Two of the most important components in life are the ability to give and receive love.

Observing is another form of communication that is often neglected and simply needs no words at all. What is their body language telling you? What do their clothes, circumstances and lifestyle say? Do you care to see?

We must be careful with our listening and observing skills. They can be very tricky. Often the people that speak the harshest words or act defiantly are really shouting, “I am hurting, will someone please help me, take my pain away, or at least acknowledge it?”

You see out of the mouth speaks the overflow of the heart, and if the heart is wounded it will speak wounded words. So we must begin with understanding the heart and in doing so we need to sharpen our listening and observing skills so that we can begin to heal the heart. When the heart is healed what flows out of the mouth will be words we desire to hear, words that comfort, that heal others, that builds God’s kingdom by speaking the words of good things we long to create.

You see words create things. God spoke and the earth was formed. Martin Luther King spoke a few unforgettable words of a dream and changed the world. This creative ability within words is useful in every area of our life, in relationships, in business, in finances, and more. This is why it is so incredibly important to be able to use words correctly, and to help others through our listening skills obtain the ability to correct their words.

Once we begin to communicate with and without words in a way that is pleasing to God our world will be transformed. His kingdom will come and will be established on earth, even as it is in heaven. Isn’t this the greatest motivation of all in order to begin the process of refining our speaking and listening skills?

Imagine a world where we are heard, understood and loved! Where when we speak others feel loved, appreciated, and motivated.

In doing so your words will have the ability to make dreams a reality.

-La Vonne Earl