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YKI helping “Help Yourself…While Helping Others!”

Here at YKI we care about all aspects of an individual's life, not only do we help you to receive Your Kingdom Inheritance, we also care about the safety, emotional and physical well being of others, especially young girls that have been victims of sex trafficking right here in S. Cal. We give back by partnering with Together Freedom to help free these children. By partnering with Together Freedom we help to provide freedom, food, shelter, clothing, education, life skills, medical, and legal services.

Find out more information here:  http://togetherfreedom.org/

Together Freedom Initiative

Local Charity and a Fun Surprise

Who we are:

Coaches that are trained with both coaching skills and life experience to provide relief to the hurting and direction, based on God's word the Bible, for receiving an abundant, balanced and blessed life.


What we do:

We love the Lord and seek to help all people both body, mind and spirit.


Ways to Help:

Become a coach!

Donate so others can receive both relief and coaching to bless their lives.


A big thank you to all of you for your support, for receiving coaching and taking the training as well as donating to YKI! It is because of you and your support that we are able to help give these girls the life they should have!