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Your Brain on NLP

Your brain on NLP is a highly functioning device! Your brain on NLP will help you to achieve your goals. Neuro Linguistic Programming is based on the Thoughts we Think and the Words we Speak, a very Biblical Principal! 

Here is a sneak peak of how it works… 

Your brain is like a computer. It “codes” your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and memories as sensory representations— images, sounds, sensations, tastes, smells — as well as words and meanings…Then it speaks to you through your narration, the words that you say to yourself daily. The good news is your narration is not permanent! It can be changed! Once you learn how to change your narration through the YKI coaching method and NLP
Your whole life will go better!
You’ll be able to:
  • Get where you want to go
  • Do the things that are important to you
  • Rediscover the JOY of living every day 

You will make better decisions… 

because you will be coming from a secure and positive place!
…and that will make you more successful at anything you choose to do. 

Your health will improve…

because you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with yourself, not just internally with your own thoughts, but with your entire body, mind and spirit enabling you to accelerate your healing and strengthen your immune system!
Your career will go better…
because you’ll be able to
  • Communicate better 
  • Be more organized 
  • Set clear direction and goals

Your personal relationships will improve…

because you’ll be able to establish and maintain rapport with people quickly and naturally. Your past will no longer control or limit your present and future relationships. With NLP You’ll be able to 
  • End isolation
  • Create intimacy 
  • Enjoy lasting, happy relationships 

Your relationship with yourself will improve…

because your inner conflicts will be resolved, childhood history issues will be put to rest, and your inner critic will be transformed into your best friend!  At last with NLP you can have
  • Peace of mind 
  • An inner sense of validation 
  • Solid self-confidence that no one can shake 
This Christ Centered Coach Training will help you to become your own coach, so you can transform your life and begin helping others to transform theirs!
It will give you the Tools for Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind.
Take the step toward a better future now by registering for Christ Centered Coaching today!  Learn how to run your brain, instead of your brain running you!